Prior to starting the registration process, you should get your RIN number. To get your RIN number please follow the instructions below: (This process only needs to be done once. Once you have your RIN number, you will not need to do this for any other competition that uses O2CM.)

  1. Go to

  2. Click on the blue ‘Register Now’ button

  3. Create your account by filling in the form. The box labeled ‘Associated Account’ is for the email address that you commonly use to register. If your studio registers you, then it would be the studio’s email address. If you partner usually register’s you, it would be your partner’s email address.

  4. Remember to write down the password you use for this, it would be helpful to use the same password you use to enter the site to register for competitions.

  5. Once you have completed the form, click the ‘Register’ button on the bottom of the page.

  6. Once you register for your RIN, the number will be generated and the Manage page will open.

  7. Fill in the information requested, for example: Age, Date of Birth, Address, etc. The form also asks for your membership numbers for the various dance organizations. Even though membership in any organization is NOT required for Gateway DanceSport Festival, it is recommended that you add these, so that when you register for an event that requires membership, the numbers are already there.

  8. If you dance with a family member, you can add their name to your account. 

  9. Proceed to Gateway’s registration page and register as usual.

B. Teacher/Student Events:

  1. For Adults registering for Teacher/Student events, please note: ADT/S Follow Student, means the the student (person being judged,) regardless of gender is following, ADT/S Lead Student, means that the student (person being judged,) regardless of gender is leading.

  2. For Pre-Teen, Junior and Youth Teacher/Student events, the designations are: ‘T/SPT-Y Ladies’ and ‘T/SPT-Y Gents’ (Teacher/Student Pre-Teen - Youth.)


For ‘Solo’ events, please put the competitor’s name as both the leader and the follower.

D. Proficiency Levels:

In addition to Pre-Bonze/Silver/Gold, Bronze/Silver/Gold, Int (Intermediate) Bronze/Silver/Gold, Gateway has added a category called Full Bronze, Full Silver, and Full Gold. These categories, while still syllabus events, allow the couple to try out the next dance(s) in the level they will be dancing next. Consider these levels similar to Novice in open. So that in Bronze, the couple dances 3 dances in a row, and sees how their stamina and ability to remember all 3 dances holds up. In Silver they dance 4 dances and in Gold they dance all 5/4 dances in a row. This is a higher degree of difficulty.